Disable crafting recipes


I’m looking for plugin/mod to disable crafting recipes (they’re too much OP)…


Hi, did you try this :


Unfortunately doesn’t work with 1.10.2 i.e. API 5…


Then what about action control ?

Also did you try to use search function ?


Yes, I’ve search trough google, this plugin list search, curse and others. “disable recipes” “ban recipes” “disable crafting” and others… But the results were weak. No one mod/plugin for recipe management has a name like this key words. So looking for plugins is sometime a pain. So finally I started this thread.

ActionControl - discontinued.

Minetweaker only for 1.8. and older versions.

Finally after hours of searching I found: CraftTweaker - minetweaker functionality for versions from 1.7.10 to 1.12.