Has "State of Sponge XIV" been lost?


A bit over a month ago I posted in the “State of Sponge XIV” thread that the Twitch VOD is dead. I didn’t get an answer there so I’m posting a thread instead.

I’d like to watch it now as I couldn’t while it was available on Twitch. All the other ones have gotten uploaded to YouTube but this one hasn’t. I just want to know if the video has been lost or if it will eventually show up somewhere.

Thanks in advance!


I have all of them archived, the plan was to upload it to the SpongePowered youtube channel but I’ve just been insanely busy IRL and I haven’t had time to upload it. Rest assured it will be posted as soon as I have available time to do so.


Thank you for replying! It wasn’t my intent to try to rush anything, I understand that life comes first. I’m just glad to know it hasn’t been lost and that it will be uploaded eventually :slight_smile:


Believe me, I have archives of SHOUTCasts from back in 2003. The chances of losing an SoS recording are basically nil.


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