MineReset ⛏ Refill mines with defined blocks and percentages


Looks great, thanks for the feedback @ziceptor.

@Cleardragonf there must be an issue on your end, worth checking you did all steps correctly (I know the setup isn’t the most user friendly) , versions etc.


An error with overwriting the last added ore may occur if the same ore is added 2 times.


Just tested this and there is an error message explaining this ore is already in the mine and advises you to use the update ore command should you wish to change the percentage.


I have such a bug only once. Then did not appear, although I did not admit errors when adding ores after that. I do not see much point in correcting this problem, it is absolutely not critical. Ores can be added manually through the config.

I would be more interested to see a plugin that will change the work of the cobblestone generator, for example, as in this plugin, but he must recognize the fluid from the mods. Maybe I’ll make this plug-in later, if I have a desire to write it myself.


Thank you. I’ll attempt again this weekend


i got no errors or something but when i add ores in the mine they do not appear after /mine fill mine . its all empty? i see the message that the mine is reseting but nothing happens
i using the newest version and my minecraft version is 1.12.2



Are you sure your looking at the correct location? Does a message show in console showing amount of blocks changed?


Yes. And the blocks change is only in the console.

i got this message:
16.02 00:56:06 [Server] Server thread/INFO 1 was filled in 119 milliseconds with 63 milliseconds doing async tasks and with 56 milliseconds doing synchronised tasks. Volume: 90. Changed blocks: 90 16.02 00:56:06 [Server] pool-3-thread-5/INFO [1] is resetting now


I think you must be looking at the wrong location. If you folowed the quick start guide the example coordinates would have been used. I would suggest redefining the mine to ensure your coordinates are correct


i did the right location as define method. and i try the redefine method and still doesn’t work for me…

it’s an weird problem for me

I looked at the start logs of my server and there’s no problem. mabey its the sponge plugin fox guard what it blocks?

that was the problem: a flag in foxguard,


Ahh interesting. Sorry it took so long to find, glad you sorted it. Is it all working correctly for you now?


yes it’s working now.


Please tell me how do I change the various messages ?!


You need to edit the source code. All messages are contained in the same class, it will be easy to translate. Unless, of course, you have at least minimal programming skills in Java.


@Semenkovsky_Ivan is correct, all messages are stored in the messages.class file. If you are not sure how to compile etc. you should check out the sponge tutorials. The source code is available from the github link in the thread. If you are having more issues let me know and if you would like to implement a translation I would be interested as it could be included and the software be made multi lingual. Best of luck!


I changed the messages.class! But it does NOT change anything on the server (1.0.7 release)


Wate…why should a normal user go into the source and change that, could you not do a simple lang file like anyone else?


You must have made a mistake somewhere. You need to view the shource code for the 1.7 release, download it, edit the messages file and then build the jar. The jar you build needs to be the one you then run on your server. If you do all this the messages should change as you wish.


Yes your correct I could have made a lang file however this was never done as I never expected someone would be interested in changing the messages as they are so basic. I will however now consider making that change when I get some time as the interest in changing messages has been shown.


This fix for release 1.0.7 yes ?