UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Klick i more on the Ground, i placed Stick on Stick on Stick…
Its Immersive Craft Feature


Understand, will fix that in the next version than :wink:


Thanks ! :blush:

Maybe you can add a command
//rg set 1
//rg set 2


I agree, by the way a command that allows you to create a region by giving coordinates is in development already as it will be the command to create a region from the console (since you can’t use the selector there)


perfect. Can you say how long i have to wait for this update ?


I’ll do my best to end it within this week, unfortunately i have a lot of job to do at my real work :confused:


I really like this plugin. Will I be able to transport him to the Chinese forum www.mcbbs.net?


This plug-in cannot protect the world generated by mod, such as the dark world. When players pass it, it will cause an error.


As the plugin is free, as long as you don’t ask money for it or you use it to harm someone’s computer, you are free to do it giving credits of course :slight_smile:


Can you post me (here or via PM) the error it gives and the mod you used? It will helps a lot understanding what causes the issue :wink:


use /region add “owner name” to add an owner

That does not work. He say:

No values matching pattern “MYNAME” present for role!
Usage: /region add

What he means? What is role and what he means with region?

Can anyone give me an example please?


i like to add a flag with: /rg flag mobs false

Server say:
No values matching pattern flase presend for flag!
flag mobs false

so whats the error ?
And what are the Subflags?