UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Wich MC version are you using?


It is 1.10.2 with SpongeForge


Mhhh, I think you’re are missing something on your server, can you please post me your plugin list with the versione of spongeforge you’re using?


How big was the region? Could be a problem with large regions since in this case many controls are done at the same time
EDIT: if you can please specify the system details of your server, i always test the plugin on my pc and on a hosted test server (which unfortunately i don’t know the specs) and i never had lag issues. My pc specs are these:
CPU: intel core i5-5500U
Ram: 8GB
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 920m


Do you mean that when you create a region all fires in it will ignites?


Will look into it as soon as possible, thank you for the report


No, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Sponge Plugins:
-Total Economy
-Universe Guard
-Simple Permissions

Sponge version:

Don’t suppose you need a mod list?


I am using spongeforge. I use Flint and steel on soulsand and after like 15 seconds the fire dissapears


Well, i see no problem there. Soulsand is not a fire source, Netherrack and Magma Blocks are the only fire sources in vanilla minecraft O_o. Unless you have the firespread flag set to false, if you have that flag set to false in your region AND the fire disappear, then there is a problem, but only if the flag is false, otherwise (again) there is no problem, soulsand don’t burns forever.


I’m having trouble using the plugin. when /region flag mobs do I set it to true or false, either way it still spawns mobs. It also seems that the region I selected isn’t fully protected? Please help


I guess you are referring to non-vanilla mobs (such as custom npc’s mobs). If so are you using the latest version posted on Sponge Ore? That should fixed the spawning problem with non vanilla mobs. Also what you mean with “the region is not fully protected”? Consider that by default some flags are set to true (actually most of them) so it might be that you didn’t set some flag, but again let me know what you mean by that to see if is a setting problem, a feature not implemented yet or is a bug :slight_smile:


I am talking about vanilla mobs I have had no custom mobs. I am using the FTB Beyond Modpack


Ok will look into it. Also what exactly from FTB Beyond is not protected as expected?


In reference to this Github issue, can you update the thread to start utilizing the Ore release system and/or Github’s release system.


It should already use the Ore system but i don’t understand why it doesn’t find the jar file. Will look into it as soon as possible


Fix the Enderdragonblockdamage flag please. I was wondering why players could do anything, but break blocks. Then, I added bypass region perm, then they were able to break blocks. I realized it was a flag that was blocking players from breaking blocks which was weird because build flag was set to true. Then, I enabled enderdragonblockdamage and players were able to break blocks without the bypass perm.


Than you for the report, will look into it as soon as possible


Which MC version are you using, becose this problem didn’t appear durning out tests with version 1.10.2


[Recommendation/Request] Please, add the fly flag to this, so operators can make no-fly zones.


If you don’t want users to use the fly command than you can add that command to the region disallowed commands by doing /rg command fly. Be sure to first do /rg edit into the region you want to disable this command, than do the /rg command fly to disable the fly command in that region and finally do /rg save to save this change. If this is NOT what you want, but for example you want to lock creative fly too than let me know and i will add this flag :wink: