UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


Nations Pre-Release v0.6

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3

With the new features introduced here, there are high chances a lot of new issues will come with them. I count on you to find them and report them below :pray:

:warning: You need to remove your old language.conf file before restarting your server because of breaking backward compatibility issue with this new version.


  • Fixed issue of money being withdrawn even though claim is impossible because of block limit for nations
  • Fixed other minor issues
  • Added per-flag and per-perm permissions : e.g. nations.command.nation.flag.fire or nations.command.nation.perm.outsider.build
  • Added admin nations : nations with no citizens, no bank account, no block limit etc. Create and manage them with admin commands.
  • Changed nation info description format so player with admin cmd permissions can edit nation's properties by clicking on nation info description as if he was president
  • Added following admin commands

/na create <name>
/na delete <nation>
/na setname <nation> <name>
/na setpres <nation> <player>
/na forcejoin <nation> <player>
/na forceleave <player>
/na eco <give|take|set> <nation> <amount>
/na perm <nation> <type> <perm> <true|false>
/na flag <nation> <flag> <true|false>


I'm getting a fairly frequent error where, the claim area spams out all this data and the server starts freezing on startup, the only way to fix it is to reset the nations data.

Example of spammed data below.


Yes this is indeed a bug. I've just fixed it today here and I'll update to pre-release v0.7 soon. Thanks for reporting it though !

This version will also introduce a break in backward compatibility for data. Which means you'll probably have to remake your nations. I'll explain how to do it by directly editing data files.


Hey will you create a towny to nations converter?


Hmm I don't think I'll do that for now... That would be quite complicated since the regions are not defined the same way Towny defines them.


Ok thats understood. I do have an idea for this plugin if you are open to them.


Nice Plugin i realy like 1A+++++

But is it maybe possible that u can create a "lite" version of it with only the zoning and buying? To make a "rent" system only cause this is actual the only sponge7forge plugin for 1.8.9 that i know thats able to create zones to sell tto other players cause we want to make a server where player needs to buy land/zones to be able to build a house


Indeed this rent system would make a very good plugin, but unfortunately different from what Nations currently is. Making a "lite" version of it would need a lot of work.

Maybe when the first official release of Nations will be out :wink:


How about just making it more modular.


1.8.9 is not the same as 1.8.
1.8, 1.8.8, and 1.8.9 are 3 different things as far as Forge is concerned.

So telling us that you tested it with a 1.8.9 version of Forge isn't helping. The latest version of Forge, that I'm allowed to use with the current mods that I have, is forge-1.8-
Most of my mods are unavailable in Forge 1.8.8 or 1.8.9.

So, we just want to be sure... Can we stay in 1.8 and use this plugin, or not? We're asking about 1.8, not 1.8.8 or 1.8.9.


You missed my point. The version of Minecraft has little to do with the problem. It's the Sponge API version that is important and seeing as all 1.8 versions implement no later than Sponge API 3.1.0 and this plugin is built witg 4.x API that's a solid no unless you use an old version of this plugin, if one exists


Well, my response was really to Arckenver. I'm just now reading and understanding the issue, thanks.

The earliest version of the plugin is 0.1 (it's still pre-release), and the issue existed from then (which means the plugin was initially built with 4.x API, and there are no early versions with 3.x API). It would be nice if plugin developers, just like mod developers, made plugins that could work with multiple versions of Forge.

I don't know what to do now. I really need a land management plugin for my 1.8 server. I really liked the concept of this one, more than Towny. I would prefer if I had a land management plugin which didn't rely on an Economy plugin to work.

I'm hoping that @Arckenver or someone else can make a land management plugin where the admins assign plots of land. It should be easier than making a plugin that allows players to buy/sell land. I really don't care for the buying/selling land features. I see why some server owners would want buying/selling land to be possible, so I'm not saying there shouldn't be plugins for that, but I wish there were more simple plugins for land management without buying/selling.


I do agree with you on that. However, I started developing Nations with version 4.0.3 of SpongeAPI. I'll maybe make a 3.x compatible version but that would only be when the plugin will be in a phase of development where I can at least make stable and recommended releases, which is still not the case (e.g. the bug reported by @Melonking above, big thank to him :wink: ).

Like @DJShira's proposal, that's indeed a good idea but it does not correspond to what Nations is so... I can't really do anything about that.


Will the 0.7 build be available shortly? Im aware a pre release should not be depended on for reliability, but I was hoping to start allowing a few more players onto my sponge test server and I cant really do that until nations can be made with out the data bug.


Nations Pre-Release v0.7

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3


  • Fixed a lot of bugs in region manipulation algorigthms
  • Added taxes (amount of money player have to pay to nations each day, collected just before upkeeps, president and citizens are exempted)
  • Added /n taxes <amount> command (to set taxes in nation)
  • Changed data saving format from HOCON to JSON, which introduce a break in backward compatibility :warning: this break won't be handled by Nations, you'll need to edit yourself your .conf files in /nations directory to change them into .json files.


I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make a SafeZone nation. How would I go about creating a nation with infinite blocks and no members? Or at least how to remove myself from the nation without destroying it. Maybe there should be a guide on this.

EDIT: I did create an admin nation and add myself to it. It still says I need to buy more blocks.


I'll be translating this plugin to Norwegian to use on my server. Can send you my translation when it's done :slight_smile:


You can create "admin" nations using the /na create <name> command. This will create a nation with no upkeep, no block limit and also no members so you won't be in the nation. You can then administrate that nation using the /na commands (e.g. to claim, select a zone with golden axe and use /na claim <nation>). To change flags or permissions use /na info <nation> and click on the flags/permissions to change them, that's easier than using the commands.

N.B. You'll see that an admin nation has outsider/citizen permissions. That's a little mistake since an admin nation can't have citizens. So you just have to modify the outsider perms, I'll remove the citizen perms in the next pre-release.

Btw, I'm currently working on the Nations Wiki for a few weeks now, but it's still WIP.

Great ! That would be very nice of you :smile:


It doesn't seem to accept /na claim (nation) or /na info (nation). Am I doing something wrong? The only way to get anything claimed with my admin nation is to join it and set myself as president. This then subjects me to block limits


Nations has now special support in PermissionManager by @djxy (see here) ! Big thank to him :wink: