UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


Nations Release v2.1

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0

Nations Release v1.1

Targets SpongeAPI v4.2.0


  • Fixed error in tax collector
  • Fixed /na claim <nation> command being unregistered



I had just created a nation, and while attempting to run the command "/n spawn home", the command does not work while returning this error in console.

Using latest version of plugin, I believe and API 5 sponge jar



I big issue ive been having that needs to be sorted is that normal palyers can create a nation in most places.Yes, it says too close to a nation BUT in my config ive set minNationDistance=1 and ive reloaded and restart the server multiple times and its still one so can someone please help with this people on my server are unable to claim land in most places.

Im also using sponge api 5 on 1.10.2



That error is quite strange, I'll work on that asap.


I've not fully understood what you meant but concerning the minNationDistance parameter in config file, you need to set it so it's bigger than 1000 at least. To be precise, the algorithm that checks if a point is far enough from a nation checks if it's far enough from all the points of the rectangles that forms the nation's territory. That's why you need to have a minNationDistance bigger than the size of the biggest rectangle of all nation territories.


The thing is 1000 is so big like people have to travel so so much litrally after creating 10 farily far apart nations it makes it impossible to do anything my server has about 20 players and its only a week old almost and now no one can really claim its always saying too close is there no way if diableing the minnation distance to me its something useless i want my players to be able to claim anywhere some people wnat to make nation next to nation but they cant


I'll see what I can do for that.


Okay, thanks! Hopefully, you found a fix soon.


"Error Occurred while executing command: No value present"

I claimed land with /na create spawn then used /na claim spawn.

After I tried to type /na perm Spawn outsider interact 0 but it didn't work. Please help.

running the lastest version of sponge forge 1.10.2

EDIT - Figured Issue out. Just had to reinstall plugin accidentally messed up config file.


You need to provide a stacktrace of your error for us to help you. Paste it on a pastebin or on your reply surrounded by 3 `


Is it possible to set within a nation a Zone; however, in this zone allow users to only break a specific block such as a Spawn tree farm or something? with a command such as /Zone perm citizen build limited Then when in zone to add blocks to something like /zone perm citizen block add Minecraft:grass etc etc etc


Unfortunately, it would imply too much work. I get more and more busy so I'd like to fix all bugs first and limit the number of big planned features if they are not essentials.

Also for your error, can you paste a stackttrace so I can see if there's something to fix in the code ?


I have an error with the golden axe:

maybe this is useful:


@Witchcrafter1 You downloaded the Nations Version for SpngeAPI-4, check the download page for the 2.1 version of Nations

@Arckenver Maybe you want to ajust the download links in this post, so the API-5.0.0 link refers to the latest download of the API 5 compatible build of Nations. Otherwise it seems like the 1.1 version is the right one.
Most people (including me) don't always read all of the descriptions, but simply click the first link they can find on the download page :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:


You are right, it is now fixed :slight_smile:


Nations Release v2.2

Targets SpongeAPI v5.0.0


  • Fixed error in data saving
  • :warning: Changed permission for command /n from nations.command.nation to nations.command.nation.execute because nations.command.nation give all subpermissions. Also made this change for commands /na and /z.


It would be a awesome plugin,
but the fact that the nation can not protect the item_frame,
painting, armor_stand - kills all interest in this plugin :((

p.s.: please tell me, the name of Skeleton Trap Horse in game (minecraft:*****)


plugin work on 1.11, this is great!

I think should be added to the source code of plugin protect this entities or to recognize these entities as blocks.

acting protect of this entities have the plugin - GriefPrevention


Two questions.
1) Is it possible to set the interact flag to true for a specific entity type, but false for everything else?
2) Can this be done via permissions in a permissions plugin?
I am wanting to use this plugin for my modded 1.10.2 server.
It has the Custom NPCs mod.
I plan on using an NPC to force players to read the rules before being allowed out and about on the server.
The interact flag to false on everything except the NPC based on what group a player is in, in the permissions system seems like the perfect way to do this.


The api 5 download link is broken.
It goes to https://github.com/Arckenver/Nations/releases/tag/2.2
But there is no such tag on the github project.
For 2.2 there is only https://github.com/Arckenver/Nations/releases/tag/v2.2


To anwser your question, it is unfortunately currently impossible, although it's a feature that could possibly be added to Nations. However I'm now too busy to work on any new feature and will probably be for quite a while...

Concerning the broken link, thanks for reporting, that should be fixed now.