VillagerShops - Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items



This plugin requires LangSwitch

Feel free to open an issue on the git to share your translations


This plugin allows you to set up villagers or other mobs as shops.
They will sell items as admin shop (this means infinite stock), or as player shops if placed above a chest.
The shop will be displayed as two row inventory you can modify with chat commands as admin or if you own the shop.
Buy items from the top row and sell them at the bottom row.
You can also name the shop mobs and set the variant (Villager profession).
Please note that you require any economy Plugin for this to work
Let’s just never mention the Bukkit-version…

Written, compiled and tested for SpongeVanilla 1.12.2 API 7.1

For more information and download visit the Ore page for VillagerShops or GitHub


Villager shops?

Will it work on sponge api5?


well it'll have to.
afaik api4 does not yet fully support the inventory api.



I always get an error:

No values matching pattern 'Villager' present for EntityType!

I used this command: /vshop create Villager VillagerShop


You need to also specify a skin (For villagers it's their profession). You can also use "none" to get the default skin. Skins are not fully implemented yet.

/vshop create Villager none VillagerShop

The name defaults to "VillagerShop", so you don't need to write that argument.

/vshop create Villager none


Hello thank you for your reply

But still the same error. Using SpongeForge for MC 1.10.2.

Same error still and I used your arguments.

/vshop create Villager none


ah, i think you need to type Minecraft:Villager, but you should be able to autocomplete that argument


Thank you.

Now I was able to create a Shop/Spawn/Mob but now there isnt any Mob...

I am unable to spawn them. No more errors used this command:

/vshop create Minecraft:Villager 0 Test


/vshop save

Config file will be created with correct coordinates and settings but there isnt any Mob/Shop (it seems to be invisible).



I know this topic is really old but since I just picked it back up I think it’s just as good as creating a new topic…

So… I’m working on this again :smiley:
Just updated the last state to work with API 7 and looking forward to implement the inventory stuff! (Can anyone recommend a good economy plugin for API 7 for testing?)

Now I’ll have some fun figuring out what I’ve done in my very undocumented code from like a year ago :roll_eyes:


Version 1.0

The plugin is done so far, running on API 7.
Got everything I want implemented


Tell me please what you compiled your plugin. If this was done in Eclipse, what jar files do I need to provide it for compilation. I would like to translate it into Russian. Since you do not have a language file, the best option is to edit the source code.


@semenkovsky_ivan I just used the sponge api 7 beta 303 in eclipse neon. if you can edit the antfile compile.xml to prevent eclipse from shading the api into the plugin jar.

But I’ll try to add in translation files within the nex days (currently busy with a big project)

edit: I think I used SpongeAPI 7.0.0-20170722.205534-23 but the latest experimental should work as well


I’ve created a shop, however when i try to set items in it, it gives me “The BuyPrice was not ‘-’ or a decimal” no matter what i do. How can i fix this?


You need to give to prices, one for buying, one for selling the item, see /help vshop. keep in mind that java is international, so use a dot for decimals, not a comma e.g. 1*10-1 = 0.1 - not 0,1

also don’t forget to save your shops after you set them up with /vshop save


I’m still getting the same problem after looking at /help vshop. Maybe things just aren’t clicking for me. Can you give me an example of a command for /vshop add?


/vshop add 100 - only buy this
/vshop add - 32.99 only sell this
/vshop add 64.5 50 buy this for 64.5, sell for 50
/vshop add 30 15 Euro if your economy plugin supports multiple currencies, do not use the default, but euro for this item (you need to set up other currencies first)


Does this work with TotalEconomy? im getting this msg


I wrote this using Total Economy but that should totally not do anything as I’m only using the service functions provided by sponge.

In order to tell you more or be able to fix that I’d need a bit more information (like any dev with any bug):

  • What sponge version do you use (type sponge version into the server console)
  • What plugin version do you use (probably the latest…, ok)
  • Please take a look at the server log and send me the fill stacktrace (what you got is only one or two lines that do not really help)
  • How and when did that error occur, is it repeatable (you don’t need to go all the way and test all possible combination of actions, but something like “every time i try to do this and that” is a pretty good start)

If you got all that, you can either post it here or (what i perfer) open an issue over on GitHub (just post it here if you don’t have an account)

After that I can start to take a look at your problem with the plugin.


SpongeVanilla (donno which one, but I got it about 3 days ago tops updated 1.10.2)

it was downloaded soon before i made my comment, so latest :slight_smile:

the error occured when i was holding a steak and trying to add it to a villager NPC. (Which also doubles itself, but the other is a normal villager). I was holding one steak while typing near the shopkeeper /vshop add 12 6