VoteRight - Sponge's First Votifier Listener [Discontinued]


Mkay. There's some other issue that I'm missing here. I think it might be something in sponge.


Okay, I did some fiddling, but I'm not sure if it still works flawlessly. Try this one:
With this config:

VoteMessage= [
        "&aVote for the server to get rewards! ",
Voting= {
    Schemas= [
OfflineVoting= {
    Schemas= [
    Enabled= true
Counting= {
    Triggers= [
    Enabled= true

It appears to work from my tests...


with the "line2" ? Anyway alright I'll test 1.0.4


Try it with and without. You should be fine removing it, but I just wanted to provide the exact config I tested with.


Working nicely with or without line2! Thanks :smiley:


Strange... I don't think I even changed anything. Well, this describes my feelings now:


VoteRight 1.0.4 (The last bug fix update, I hope)


  • Did something and somehow fixed stuff



lol, it's strange. Only that format works though, If i remove the [ ] and do it on separate lines it won't


That's intended behavior. It should be possible to have a line that's just a link by having double braces, but I probably messed that up too...


ouch this got a huge change since i last looked at it and now i'm back to square-one confused with the counting mechanics. Maybe you can point me in the correct direction. I'm wanting like before; random shiny every 25 votes; random legend every 50 votes; random shiny legend every 100 votes.
but i'm a bit thrown off by the Counting type now on which one would do this. Maybe its just the way that its worded that has confused me but thats about the only part i don't understand; the rest i can manage with.


Every 25 votes: PLAYER_ALL_INCREMENT, with a value of '25'
Every 50 votes: PLAYER_ALL_INCREMENT, with a value of '50`

Then you need the triggers to point to either a command or collection schema that gives out a random legend. However, it should be noted that, since 50 is a multiple of 25, both a 25 and 50 _INCREMENT would be called at that point.


so at 50 it would do the 25 reward and the 50 reward? hm I'm ok with that. and then at 75 it would call a 25 and at 100 it would call a 25, a 50, and a 100?


Yes,that's it.



So what am I doing wrong?

#195 Notification

This is a bad link. Try it using your actual MC username like


I was using a Test Vote.


This is not a valid Username is all I'm saying. There's a space in it.




I don't know what I'm doing wrong here...