VoteRight - Sponge's First Votifier Listener [Discontinued]


What's going on is VoteRight is trying to lookup the player's name and failing, since "Test Notification" doesn't exist, but is the username sent by the test service. Use /vr sim instead.


I did and it just says "Sending vote."

And apparently my schema must be wrong because it wont load up correctly.


Your schemas file is fine, but the config is not. I'm not quite sure what happened, but try removing the config and filling in the values again. It looks like you did an exact copy of the example config, which isn't in perfect syntax, because all the explanations in the example config aren't parse-able...

What does it say on load up?


it changes the schema as well. so both the config and schema aren't parseable. could you fix them for me?


Where do you get "pokerandom %player% s" from?



It works! Thank you!


Is it possible to use formatted code in the announcements when people vote so it's more noticeable?


Alternatively I guess you could use a command schema and format your broadcast command


Offline voting is broken. I've voted 5 times when I was testing this yesterday or two days ago (logged in and got the rewards) I didn't vote today, but when I logged in it sent the offlineannounce schema I placed and gave me money as well 5 times.

OfflineVoting= {
    Schemas= [
        "money" //gives 150
        "offlineannounce" //announce player voted offline
    Enabled= true


Soooo it sent the rewards twice?


Yes, color codes are supported in the announcements.


Yeah, not on consecutive logins though. I'm not sure how to replicate this (don't have as much time to test on the weekday ;_;) but I think it's after the server restarts, or after the next day since it gave me the rewards when I logged in for the first time today, but not when I logged out and back in to test it bluntly.


It sounds like the data isn't being saved at some point... I'll look into it when I can, but I'm very busy this week with school.


Same haha I guess we all got school. So just logged in right now to check the server for a bit and I got the rewards again o.O

Edit: Ok so tested a bit. It seems that I always keep getting the rewards if I exit minecraft and open it again with the launcher then join the server, but exiting the server into the multiplayer screen then joining back doesn't give me the rewards.


That makes no sense!
I'll still look into it, but that's quite strange.


I've no idea, just tested it twice and those 2 times this seems to be the case. I guess further testing needs to be done to find what's causing this but for now I've disabled offline voting and deleted the data file so players can't abuse this. (idk if the offline vote queues were stored there? are they?)


Offline votes and votecounts are stored there... :slight_smile:


I can't seem to reproduce the behavior... I can think of a couple possibilities:

The only thing I can think of that you have and I don't is pixelmon, but I'm not sure how that could be even remotely related.


My players are only being rewarded for just their first vote and no other votes.