VoteRight - Sponge's First Votifier Listener [Discontinued]


Also getting that problem after finding two that worked together ^^
Would like a fix!


Which two are you using?


can you take a look at the star's inventory api again now? its cancer with the console spam


Seeing as VoteRite was discontinued and seems to be buggy :frowning: if anyone here is looking for a listener try out seriousvote


Yes and yes... I wouldn't suggest trying to use or update VoteRight, try the other options :slight_smile:


As of today, 8/29/2018, curscascis says his SeriousVote and Serious NuVotifier plugins are up to date, actively maintained, and working for Sponge APIs 4, 5, 6, and 7. He also says that anyone who needs help should contact him using the Discord he links to on his SeriousVote page.